NOVAIR designs and manufactures medical gas systems from source to patient, to produce and implement gases used in healthcare facilities. The main gases used in hospitals are oxygen, medical air and vacuum. All these gases are sent to the establishment through a piping network that complies with the current standards and are then delivered to patients through Oxygen therapy devices, medical gas outlets, ceiling pendants or bed head units.

NOVAIR systems produce :

Medical Oxygen

In healthcare facilities, medical oxygen is essential. Distributed both in the patient's room and in the operating or resuscitation rooms, this oxygen must be strictly controlled to comply with the current standards.

European standards require that a hospital be provided with three sources of oxygen, which may include two generators (primary and secondary sources) and a backup source in cylinders, or a generator (main source) and two cylinders ramps (emergency sources).

Medical Air

Medical air is a gas for medical use mainly used for :

  • Aerosol therapy and ventilatory therapies
  • Inhalation anesthesia
  • As an alternative to supplemental oxygen
  • Drying medical equipment
  • The operation of surgical instruments

Vacuum and anaesthesia gases suction (SEGA)

In patient rooms, operating theaters or intensive care units, healthcare facilities need medical vacuum to aspire. Medical vacuum is dedicated to:

  • Ensure the surgical drainage of pleural or pericardial effusions for example
  • Declutter the airways or gastric patients by aspiration.

The facility must also ensure that all anesthetic gases in the ambient air of the operating theaters are extracted through an appropriate ventilation.
Medical vacuum is obtained by a medical device CE composed of vacuum pumps and filtration systems.

Medical air is produced on site from dried compressed air and filtered.

All of these gases are delivered to the facility through a pipeline network that meets current standards and are then delivered to patients through oxygen therapy devices, medical gas outletsceiling pendants or bed head units.