Industrial gases : nitrogen and oxygen on-site production

Industrial gases : nitrogen and oxygen on-site production

A solution for each need

With over 40 years of experience, NOVAIR Industries has developed a thorough knowledge of all air separation technologies for on-site nitrogen or oxygen production, and meets all the needs of industrial with dedicated solutions.

NOVAIR Industries also ensures the installation and the maintenance of your equipments, a help for diagnosis with audits of your consumptions in air and compressed gases, as well as an intervention available promptly.


Examples of solutions dedicated to industrial applications designed and manufactured by NOVAIR:

Laserpack: a complete solution able to supply laser cutting machines by nitrogen produced on site. The set includes a generator complete with a high-pressure cylinder filling system, and thus perfectly meets the needs of the laser cutting industry.
Foodpack: an integrated solution that combines a nitrogen generator and a mixer to meet the needs of gas mix users for modified atmosphere packaging.
NOVAIR also offers oxygen production systems designed specifically for the biogas or aquaculture industry.

Are you a consumer of nitrogen or oxygen? Contact us! NOVAIR is able to imagine an on-site gas production solution tailored specifically to the needs of your application.

Conditioned gas:

NOVAIR Industries also offers packaging in bottles up to 50l and 300 bar, as well as the supply of frames (according to regions):

  • oxygen
  • acetylene
  • CO2
  • nitrogen
  • helium
  • argon
  • special mixtures