Medical gas systems from source to patient

Medical gas systems from source to patient


Manufacturer and expert in medical gases since 1977, NOVAIR Medical is entirely dedicated to the healthcare facilities medical gas needs.

For hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers in search of quality and reliability, NOVAIR medical devices comply with the most demanding standards: ISO 7396-1, NFPA 99, HTM 02 01.

NOVAIR Medical offers a wide range of solutions from source to patients, which cover:

Production: with a complete range of oxygen generators, compressed air and medical vacuum units, high-pressure cylinders filling systemsanesthetic gas evacuation units and manifolds.

Distribution: a set of equipments that guarantees easy and safe access to medical fluids into healthcare facilities, from machine room until patient room : copper pipes, area valve service units, regulators systems, ceiling pendantsbed head units.

Monitoring: all devices that ensure the quality and flow of oxygen and medical gases into the network : medical gases monitorcentral supervision system and remote monitoring, medical gas flowmeters.

Oxygen therapy: a wide choice of products adapted to medical gases administration to patients under optimal comfort and safety conditions: flowmeters, vacuum regulatorsmasks, humidifiers.


NOVAIR Medical also supports you in the design, installation and maintenance of medical gas networks.