Nitrogen and oxygen in the industrial sector

Nitrogen and oxygen in the industrial sector

NOVAIR designs and manufactures on-site nitrogen and oxygen production solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. Composed of nitrogen or PSA oxygen generators, these solutions integrate the additional equipment necessary to guarantee at all time the autonomous supply of gas, at the purity, flow rate and pressure required by each industrial process.

Some examples of applications we serve:


In the food industry,  gas plays an important role in various production processes.

Mostly in the food industry, nitrogen and oxygen are used to prevent the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms responsible for food spoilage. Foods maintain their quality and have a longer lifespan.


Biogas industry uses oxygen in the biogas desulphurization process. It consists in eliminating hydrogen sulphide in the biogas in order to avoid the presence of sulfur-based residues which can be harmful to the installations and the environment. The use of pure oxygen in this process ensures better efficiency.


For laser cutting, surface treatment, oxy-cutting, etc., nitrogen or oxygen enrichment is a reliable and safe solution that allows to obtain quality parts.


The use of gases for glass work strengthens the combustion process and contributes to the performance of the torches, it increases productivity and improves the quality of the glass.


Oxygenation of ponds in fish farming allows fish to grow and increase production density safely.
The addition of oxygen in the breeding tanks ensures an optimal oxygen balance.


High purity nitrogen is used in electronics to ensure the brazing and storage of electronic cards by protecting them from oxidation: a better quality is thus ensured.

Public Works Sector

Compressed air is widely used in the Public Works sector to allow the supply of tools. The tools are thus more productive, easy to use and adapted to the most difficult accessible areas.

Novair also offers on-site nitrogen and oxygen production solutions dedicated to the packaging, water treatment, laboratories, nuclear, oil industry, vinification, etc...